Private Breeder

Black Irish/English Irish

D.O.B. Aug 2019

Howard is a friends Buck who was used in my first breeding’s to help test color backgrounds. He is a lazy boy who loves getting scratched behind his ears and short walks around the room or couch, until he decides it’s time to lay back down in his cage of course. He and his brother Boopford belong to my roommates, who were given them by a friend who breed for feeding and personal pets. They are true family pets, often getting full free roam time and enjoying crackers and blackberries as they watch tv on the couch with my roommates and I. It was decided to use him in our program as he has experience in breeding and has great temperament and conformation.

Anton Mograt

Armour Rattery

Midnight Blue Irish

D.O.B. Early Nov 2020

Anton is a brave and daring rat, often trying to explore all the areas he is not supposed to. He can often be found high up in the cage sleeping in upper hangs with Boltagon. He is also the only rat that has snuck out and escaped on me, spending a few hours romping around my room taunting me until he got bored and came to let me know he was tired. He certainly enjoys free roam time of course. Beyond his brave and adventurous spirit though he still loves to cuddle up and take a nap with me while I’m watching tv.

Elton Murrat

Armour Rattery

[Powder] American Blue Bristle

D.O.B. Sept 2020

Elton is such a sweetheart, and comes running to the cage door as fast as possible wherever he is in hopes he gets to come out and cuddle with me, or well, anyone really. He adores human attention just as much as he loves cuddling with his brothers. Then to top it off being Bristle gives him such a unique coat which I love to pet as the texture is just so interesting. Elton as well as Ash have some of the best temperaments I’ve had in rats and these two will be making a strong backbone in my lines due to just how amazing of pets these two are.

Skyler Rat

Armour Rattery

[Sky] American Blue Irish

D.O.B. Late Nov 2020

Sky and his brother Jo can often be found together, and are both beautiful sky blue rats with two very different coats. Sky is a standard coated and eared rat, but having standard features sure makes him stand out. You see, most my rats are not very standard at all and Sky offers a superb base for standard rats in my blue line. Along with those uniquely standard traits he is also a confident rat and will be their to meet you at the door to say hi, get some scritches and hoping you have some treats for him. 

Joseph Caratelli

Armour Rattery

[Sky] American Blue Dbl Rex

D.O.B. Late Nov 2020

Jo is a bit more playful then his brother, as well his coat is far from standard. He is homozygous for the Rex mutation leaving him with a sparse and short coat that will change as he molts. Double Rex rats fur tends to either fall out leaving the rat bald or with a shorter peach fuzz and sometimes even a more patchy looking coat, and as Jo is so young I’m still waiting to see how his coat progresses as he ages. Jo is also self, and will really help in progressing my blue lines to have nice solid colors.

Roberat Drake

Armour Rattery

Black Snowflake

D.O.B. Aug 2020

Drake is a very special boy, being a Snowflake rat, a rare and unique pattern, that expresses visually in a few spots on his belly. He tends to be a bit more reserved, and likes to move at his own pace with new people. He is very sweet though, and can easily be bribed to come check you out for a small food bribe. He is a black rat, but tends to have a lot of discoloration which from my understanding after talking to another breeder seems to be common in Snowflake lines.

Blackagarat Boltagon

Armour Rattery

Black Self

D.O.B. 2020

Boltagon is quite the stunning self black rat, and actually quite literally earns his nickname Bolt as he often darts around the cage with more energy then most male rats. But when he does get worn out you can almost always find him tucked away in his sputnick at the top of the cage curled up with Anton or any other rat he can convince to come cuddle. He is a bit easily startled, and once again when he gets caught off guard will retreat to the comfort of his sputnick. But once he gets to know you he will quickly want to come check you out after mustering up his courage.

Crater Slade

Armour Rattery

Beige Blazed Berkshire

D.O.B. 2020

Slade is one of the most cuddly rats I have ever meet. He loves nothing more then to tuck himself right up against my belly and just relax. He is generally unphased by most things, choosing not to let the outside world bother him. It makes him a great companion as I work on the computer as he doesn’t have the same desires to investigate the clicking noises and run about my desk like most the other rats… well at least not as much. This little guy was actually more of a surprise or gift, but even though I didn’t really choose or know I would be getting him he quickly made sure I would never want him anywhere else but on my lap.