Ashley Ratford

Pride Rock Rattery

Berkshire Russian Blue Silvermane

D.O.B. – June 23rd, 2020

Parents – Silvermane x Black Self

Ash is quite the sweet girl, and absolutely loves human attention, often begging to come hang outside on someone’s lap. She’s a big girl, and I really hope to build this larger structure into our lines does, as well she is our foundation for our silvermane and russian blue lines.

Silver Sablinova

Pride Rock Rattery

Self Blue Black-Eyed Marten

D.O.B. – June 13th, 2020

Parents – B.E. Siamese x B.E. American Blue Marten

Sablinova is a more laid back lady, often relaxing and being the last to make her way to the cage door for food or play time. She’s happiest cuddled up in a hammock grooming herself. She is the first rat that we have breed, and will be a foundation to our blue and black-eyed marbled martens.

Elektra  Ratchios

Pride Rock Rattery

Self Black Marten Harley

D.O.B. – Oct 28th, 2020

Parents – Harley Tonk x Marten Satin 2

Ele is still young and finding herself, though she’s growing fast and will soon be catching up with her mischief. At the moment she is a bit timid, but very glad to snuggle up on someone’s shoulder or in a hoodie or sleeve. At this moment she is a prospective doe to start my Harley line as well my dark Marten line, how ever she is too young to make any decisions just yet.

Ratherine Pryde

Tinker’s Rattery

Russian Blue* Spotted Tabby

D.O.B. – Nov 16th, 2020

Ritty is a very cute and confident rat, loving to explore and often trying to go and sneak off to check out what’s beyond her current tiny grasp. She is a Spotted Tabby rat, which not only causes a dorsal stripe and marbling but also faded pigment. Once she is older her coloring will be tested, to see if her coloring comes from the Russian Blue dilute or just from the dilution of the Tabby gene itself. 

Zora de Rata

Tinker’s Rattery

Black English Irish Silvermane

D.O.B. – Nov 16th, 2020

Zora is a stunning Silvermane. The contrast between her dark black roots and hollow silvered tips causes amazingly dramatic look that shifts with the light. She is also extremely sweet and a bit shy with new people. She is very playful, and can often be found playing with her sister and many of the younger rats of the mischief.