Thanks for your interest in adopting one of our kittens! We can’t wait to hear from you. But first lets go over some of the details – we won’t get into the fine print here but make sure to read our Adoption Agreement for more details before you attempt to adopt any of our animals.

  info for pet adoptees

We only adopt in same-sex pairs or more. We will not make any exceptions to this rule. We do not adopt to multi-gender households.

We require proof of housing, bedding and food for adoption to ensure our animals go to prepared homes.

We want to ensure you have at least the best basic knowledge of owning rats, and encourage you to go over our basic care guide and other articles in our ‘All About Rats’ menu before applying for adoption. We will reach out to talk to you one on one after submitting an application.

  info for Breeders

We do adopt for breeding purposes as well, but we want to make sure you know what you’re doing and will be taking care of our animals and their offspring. Expect a one on one conversation so we can get to know you better. All rats sold for breeding purposes will come with a pedigree dating back several generations.

We are always interested in working with other breeders, and keep and eye out for consistent and exceptional ones. We love to help build the pet rat community up with others and help in creating more excellent lines whether they be our own or another breeders.


$60 Pair/$75 Trio (+$20 additional) Standard Gene Pricing

+$40 Each/$70 Pair (+$30 additional) Limited Gene Pricing (L)

*Rats are standard price unless noted. Rats will not be held for more then 24h without a deposit.



Cleveland, Ohio

Adoption Application

Please take the time to fill out this form to inquire about adoption.

Don't worry! This is optional, and we won't give your phone number to any outside parties or use it for anything other then new adoption notifications.
Lets us know how experienced you are with owning pet rats.
You may at any time be asked to visually confirm that housing, diet and environmental needs are ready to be our are being met.
(If you are interested in a posted animal specifically please include the identification number included with the availability posting.)
Let us know about anything else you might want to add or ask us such as telling us all about your current rats or about ours!
We try to send out a newsletter monthly with details on our current litters, changes and plans moving forwards, and offer special deals on our website or in person animal supplies sales.
Agree to receive adoption updates directly.