A look into who we are

Founded Nov 2020 by Bryan Alexander Stadnicar

Buckingham Blue Rattery was founded in 2020, the year of the rat, by life long pet rat owner Bryan Alexander Stadnicar with a desire to help in the breeding and development of extremely well tempered, healthy and trained pet rats with a focus on unique and special varieties such as Martens [Red-Eyed Devils], Silvermane, Velveteen and Harley in Blue and Russian Blue colorings; though we breed for a wide variety and often have many different colors and typing available other then these as well.

Temperament and health is a very important focus for us when breeding and has been since the beginning. Along with our goal to breed for the most friendly and healthy pets, we also do our best to train our rats in hopes to find the best learners and breed for higher intelligence in taking towards training and even aim to guide our kittens to be as litter trained as possible before they’re adopted out. It’s really important to us that we can help new owners find the best pets that will make an easy transition into their new home, lessening stress for both the rat and the new owner. 

We also always strive to make sure our kittens find the best homes, as such you should expect a few questions and requirements to be fulfilled before adoption. Some of the these include proper housing, amenities, food and basic knowledge of rat ownership. We often like to talk to prospective owners, it’s a great way for us to get to know you and allow you to ask any questions you might have. We have an application available here to apply for adoption, and it is a requirement to fill out for all prospective adopters.

temperament & Health

We can’t stress enough how important this is to us. From the start our lines come from trusted breeders we researched and are confident in their lines and breeding. Starting with already great temperamented rats with a strong health background is just the start, as only the best and most friendly of the litters are chosen to continue our lines.

handling and training

Another aspect of great temperament is proper handling and training. Good genetics is a strong start but upbringing is also a part in proper training and temperament as well. With well trained bucks and does and daily training sessions we aim to adopt out not just well behaved but intelligent animals that adapt well to training and individual interaction.

Proper Homing and Care

Our rats are our babies, and we always make sure they go to good and loving homes. We love to get to know prospective owners, and encourage you to reach out via social media or e-mail. We have a few requirements for adoption including proof of proper housing, amenities and activities to populate their new home along with proper knowledge on owning and taking care of rats. As well all rats MUST have other same-sex rats to be homed with. No exceptions.