Here you can find both rats I have owned as just pets since I opened the rattery as well rats that have been retired from my breeding program and are enjoying the rest of their life relaxing and having fun.

Norrin Ratt


Norrin is quite the character. He is very friendly and curious, always trying to check things out. He is a very energetic young male and loves running up and down me and giving nose boops. He loves his brother Remy very much, and often smoothers him with love, cuddles and grooming.

As time has grown he became more and more overbearing to the point of bullying Remy unfortunately, and after trying to introduce them both into a larger mischiefs Norrin ended up not capable of adjusting to the change and is in a cage with one of the younger rats I held back due to being to dramatic. I had hoped maybe they could balance each other out. Sometimes it seems to have worked, but then Norrin does something that sets off his new cage mate and he screams bloody murder and runs in circles around the cage. No real injury though, so that’s good. It appears more and more like I may have to get him fixed or return him to the breeders I got him from, as he continues to have hormone issues. Luckily he has always been a pet and never been a part of my breeding program, but I am still sad to see him struggling and me in turn with him.



Remy knows what he wants, and is a determined and strong willed rat. He can often be found cuddled up in one of my sleeves or crawling through my blanket or hoodie. He is Norrin’s brother and while they love each other very much his brothers energy can be to much for him, and he can be a bit of a whiner when he just wants to sleep but bro won’t let him.

Remy continues to be a bit of a whiner from time to time, but he is much happier with a bigger mischief. He unfortunately is without his brother now, though it is for the best as he no longer is bullied constantly by him. Luckily his hormone levels are in more control then his brothers and he does not struggle with new rats. 



Gwen is a sweetheart. When I first got her she was a bit shy, but within a few days had opened up and now she is the first to meet me at the door. This girly loves to climb and play with the other rats. I think she likes to fancy herself the alpha, but in fact usually ends up pinned herself instead of coming out on top. That’s ok though, she’s got heart and I love that about her.

She does really well with people, but as well has become hormonal specially during esterus or when others are around her. I recently had to remove her as well. Unfortunately I don’t see any options to keep her as she consistently did bodily harm to the babies, nicking their ears on several occasions. She is a gorgeous rat, she just does not do well with other rats and even would often get in little spats with her sister. Again, not in my breeding program so doesn’t effect my lines and set me back at all but it is very sad for me as I really do love her.

Ratasha Romanov


The sister to Gwen. She is generally well behaved and loves to spend time hanging out on my lap and shoulder. She can be the Alpha in many situations, and I have seen her break up a few fights her sisters has gotten into. Though most times now she just looks over and then ignores it, I guess she got tired of her sisters shenanigans.