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     Thank you for visiting Buckingham Blue Rattery! We are located in the North-Western Ohio area, and have been working hard over the years building up our lines that we hand picked from reputable breeders across the Midwest and East coast. Because we built our foundations from amazing lines and have continued to strive for breeding towards the very best animals we have helped ensure we can give the best tempered animals to our adopters.

     We also aim to provide you with ample information from ownership to genetics. If you’re new to the rat world, I recommend heading over to our basic info page to get started learning. Whether you get a rat from us or any other place we want to make sure you have the information available to give you and your pets the best life possible!

Basic Rat Info

Blue Coloring

Did you know Blue and Russian Blue are actually two different distinct mutations in rats? We focus a lot on the Blue and Russian Blue varieties here at BBR. We are even hopeful to soon obtain another unrelated mutation referred to as Midnight Blue. However, while we may breed a lot for blues you can still expect to see many other coat colors in our rats as well. You will find an array of color profiles from blues to silvers to oranges and all those in between.

Martens [Red-Eyed Devils]

The stunning red-eyed Marten comes from Holland, and are similar to Albino, Siamese and Himalayan rats. In fact they are all different alleles on the same locus. This causes certain losses in pigmentation in varying degrees. In this case it results in a darker coated or even marbled silvery rat with red eyes. We love working with both our RED line as well as a line with black eyes we call the Black-Eyed Demon line. 


Not all rats have a standard short sleek coat. There are actually many varieties such as Bristle, Velveteen and Harley. They are mutations that give varying degrees of curl, fluff, length and even texture. Specially when considering the Bristle mutation which is coarse and wiry. We also specialize in Silvermane, and you can expect many of our litters to contain these beautiful rats with a gleaming white tip to each hair as well.

Buckingham Blue Rattery – A Source of Information

Beyond breeding great pets, we also believe in helping people find the knowledge they need to take care of and understand their new friends. Check out our ‘All About Rats’ menu to find information about rats from basic care, caging and toys to the many different varieties of rats and what makes them unique. Let us know of anything you think we should include as we grow our collection of articles. You can also check out our YouTube!

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